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The Padel Arena Establishment

Our Aim within 5 years

The Padel Arena is set to establish and run a significant number of Padel facilities – within and around northern and central Europe. Our goal is to establish fifteen (15) to twenty (20) Padel arenas within the next four (4) to five (5) years.

Our establishments will hold eight (8) to twelve (12) courts – hosting activities primarily suitable to people that are looking to increase regular physical exercise.

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Do you have what we need?

We go a long way to secure quality assured processes towards all stakeholders and partners. Due to our experienced team and strong foundation within Padel tennis, management, finance and international business – we endeavor to lounge multiple arenas within the next couple of years.

We are subsequently looking for suitable prospects in Northern Europe (buildings/ warehouses/ projects) ready to host a trustworthy and sincere tenant. Join the ride – and experience the future of Padel Arenas. 

Mr Robert Widetoft
Vice President
The Padel Arena International AB

Fastest growing sport

What is padel?

Padel tennis is the fastest growing sport in the world. It is a blend and mix between tennis and squash and is primarily played in teams consisting of two players – mostly therefor gather groups of four individuals – adding a great deal of social interaction with plenty of laughs and euphoric moments of joy. 

In recent years the sport has rapidly grown in popularity attracting various of ages – women and men, children and teens – as well as elderly players – all finding ways to develop their game in a relatively short period of time.

Despite the speed of growth the sport is most likely still just in the beginning of its evolution.


Leaves nothing to chance

Quality is everything

With great emphasis on quality assured partners, suppliers and professionally trained staff – we are confident to strive in a given path of success. Many years of business related experience and in depth professional understanding of Padel tennis – has given us the insight that quality is everything.

Quality Assurance & Long term commitment

At The Padel Arena we go a long way to secure quality assured processes towards all stakeholders and partners. We treasure the powerful impact of a long term commitment. Join our ride and experience the future of Padel Arenas…

Top of the line suppliers

We leave nothing to chance. We cooperate with the best suppliers of professional Padel courts as well as other suppliers ensuring all fundamentally important key features in our business. The Padel Arena is looking for new distinguished partners for future cooperations.

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